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Despre Karmă.

" Karma and Astrology

Here is an explanation of the way Saturn influences Karma and how we can interpret its meaning to us as individuals. Portions of this Karma topic are extracted from a number of Farley Malorrus' shows on K-FOX (93.5 FM, 12 noon in Los Angeles) during 1987 and 1988.

The reason that each of us inherits a unique natal chart is that the higher self selects a particular astrological imprint, to experience certain events, and learn specific lessons. From this, an evolution occurs by processing karmic situations for optimum benefit. Situations, people, and events in our life catalyze karmic growth, but the karma lies within oneself, inside the soul. The soul is destined to be pulled to a particular birth, time and place.

The body is like billions of tiny solar systems. When you are born, every cell in your body adheres to the frozen picture of the planets at birth. It's like a circuit imprint that's formed at birth to be a reflection of one's Dharma (purpose and destiny) and Karma (debt).

We are all one with the Universe. The Universe beats from our point of view. The moving solar system allows for the Source to design its uniqueness in each one of us, and we absorb this imprint at birth. This solar imprint at birth is actually akin to tiny little solar systems in every one of our bodies.

Physiologically, at the moment of birth, the neurons of the brain form a specific pattern, which has been scientifically documented, and this sets up the personality of the individual.

So when you are born into any particular lifetime, you are born with a particular cosmic charge. This occurs upon inhaling that first breath, and reflects the planetary locations (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto), and the zodiacal sign that is rising in the East from your birthplace. These elements are the things that Astrologers can examine in a your chart and identify what your Karma is. For example, any square aspect you have, when planets are at right angles to each other, indicates your karmic debt.

Planetary placements that involve squares (right angles), oppositions (180 degrees) or inconjunct (150 degrees) and by house position will reveal a lesson area, an area where pain maybe experienced showing a pay back of karmic situations. The Karma that you have with yourself may concern money, love, relationships, career, business, goals, health, home, security of self, independence, enemies and all kinds of things. If you have squares in your life, this implies a debt, so the challenge is to overcome certain lessons we failed to learn in previous lives. Oppositions mean that you are born into a situation where you can create unrealistic goals, or, show catalyzing situations where you would create people in your life that may also manifest pain and karmic growth for you.

Understanding Astrology, by getting your chart produced, and tuning into things such as Karma and learning what the words square and opposition means, will help you understand which area of pain may focus the hardest with you. Your biggest Karma may be childhood, just fighting your way out of it, or trying to get along with brutal parents. This could be a way to understand where the peace needs to be made, and subsequently processed. It could be with your emotions, with your mother, friends, or with all of your relationships. It could also be with goals, career, communication, and finances. Astrology will help to identify your own personal map of Karma and it is a great way to rebirth into the Spirit.

Afflicted planets in a chart are those that form specific aspects, or angles, such as squares. A square depicts two planets, at right angles, with the Earth in the center (as center focus). Oppositions are when two planets are exactly opposite each other, with the Earth in the middle. You could be torn with the Moon in one point of the sky, and if you drew a straight line from the Moon to the Earth, and all the way threw the Earth to the other side, you might find the Sun. This would be a Moon opposition Sun. These might be planetary aspects that you're born with. With squares, or oppositions, these diagrams are Karma, or the debts we owe for a particular lifetime. Everybody has Karma whether your born Karma free or not. Without any squares or oppositions in your chart, the moving planets form squares and other aspects to the fixed position of natal planets during ones' life (which is the basis of forecasting). This daily movement with respect to the natal chart is known as transits.

The signs of the Zodiac are magnificent stellar constellations. When we say that you have Mercury in Cancer or Gemini, that means that Mercury is located in space in the stellar constellation or grouping known as Cancer or Gemini. That's how we identify energies at birth, freezing the planets that are moving in space, through the signs, during your birth. There are all kinds of stellar constellations out there in space; The Sun, Moon and the planets, follow an orbit called the Ecliptic—which is a flat orbit. The Earth also orbits the Sun along the Ecliptic, so the planets including the Sun and Moon, do not wander beyond the twelve Signs of the Zodiac.

One of the main factors in distinguishing a karmic lesson is Saturn, as this planet is the lord of Karma. If Saturn signifies obstacles and limitations in life, it is because either your desired goal was incorrect, or a karmic reaction has been imposed. As such, Saturn's placement in your chart can indicate the areas in life that one needs to work on. Saturn's movement with time, through your natal chart, induces various scenarios to force growth in certain directions. When we ignore our real goals, certain crises' can occur in adulthood as Saturn orbits the Zodiac forming particular stressful aspects to the natal chart. Therefore, if you fail to conform to certain ways in this life, Saturn is always there to induce a karmic lesson, either immediately or in the future.

Saturn remains in one Zodiac sign for an average of two and a half years, so a whole karmic generation of Saturn people enter life during that two and a half year period. For example, people with major karmic lessons concerning Sagittarius energy and forces (meaning freedom happiness, philosophy, travel, sometimes sports, and animals) form a Karma here. It takes Saturn about twenty-nine years to circle the Sun, from our point of view, covering all twelve signs of the Zodiac. The type of Karma that each baby will have during the two and a half years of Saturn in any sign, although similar, will further depend on its aspects to other planets, the location of the house, and whether it's retrograde or not (Saturn retrograde tends to open up the energies of Uranus).

As an example; consider Saturn in the sign of Leo, positioned in the first house. Saturn/Leo is Karma with family, but Saturn in the first house is the most karmic position for this planet, particularly if this planet is intensified by being close to the Ascendant line. The first house depicts how you interface with the world, your appearance, self-esteem, and childhood. So an individual born with this placement would have childhood and self-esteem Karma. If Saturn has stressful aspects applied from other planets, there could be a very painful childhood and an inner security problem. This would be a result of some unfortunate action in a past life, where the person probably ignored forming a loving family bond, and directed his/her attention to selfish matters such as career.

There are all kinds of Karma that a person can have in a lifetime which may be revealed when examining the birth chart in general. Astrology allows for an analysis to understand ones' passion, pain or pleasure-pain syndrome. By zeroing in on what sign and house Saturn is in, and what types of aspects are formed from other planets, a significant karmic picture can be generated. Aspects between Saturn, and the Moon, Rising Sign, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Sun, under square and opposition, are going to have more of a severe significant effect Karmically. Of course aspects between other planets can signify Karma, but Saturn tends to be generally more prolific. The key for the symbology behind Saturn is that if necessary, it contracts situations, events and opportunity.
......... "

Ca să vezi! Am văzut și io acum în funcție de ce se calculează punctul arabic Karma. De Soare și Saturn și Ascendent.
Căutând despre punctul Karma, am dat de articolul de mai sus.
De citit și înțeles.

Nu am mai visat nimica! Dar mă trezesc cu idei!

J.Un amestec de energii astrale și praf din stele.

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Dar! Mai există și asteroidul Karma. 3811.

Că tot vorbesc despre o singură hartă,Karma 3811 se află tot în " 15 grade ", ca să spun așa.... Capricorn.

La ora căutării, tranzitele :

Iar între Karma 3811 și Lot of Karma, natale, îs vreo 108 grade.
Am impresia că 108 e un număr care înseamnă ceva... Nu mai știu, dar caut.

Găsit ceva!

"The number 108 has held a multi-dimensional meaning throughout history. In geometric terms, it is a natural division of circle (108=36+72=9 X 12). In the Eastern part of the world, different traditions talk about the108 navamsas. The Shiva malas[1], or rosaries, both Tantric and Tibetan[2] are composed of 108 beads. The number 108 is also one of great significance inside of the Rosicrucian order since it exemplifies the timeframe of some of their cycles. Interestingly enough, a leap year displays 366 days, and 3 x 6 x 6 gives 108."

O stea!


Parcă Venus are asemenea mișcare...



Foarte interesant!

The Path of Transcendence
The Rosicrucian Order also recognised the number 108 as a symbol of absolute consciousness and karmic healing. These wisest of Medieval Knights associated the number with ultimate achievement and said it was the summit of the path man can reach during this reincarnation on earth.

Se pare că nu degeaba am început subiectul....

J.Un amestec de energii astrale și praf din stele.

Acest mesaj are o imagine atașament.
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:) Singur eu pe aici!

Karma 3811 în Capricorn

A difficult placement. Retrograde and negatively aspected might indicate a corporate white collar criminal or big billionaire conspirator against the masses in a past lifeline. Greedy ambition and status consciousness that sacrifices ethics and truth leads to humbling balances in this life. The native must practice generosity, inner and outer. He must treat all people with respect and must not be condescending to others. No misdeeds like ratting on fellow employees for promotions, for instant karmic punishment will follow. One must be wary of taxation problems and legal problems.

The native must balance career and affection to family, and not let career be the only objective in life. Once positive loops are set and old karmic debts erased, this placement can bring large financial rewards. This will then become the new test. Is social service funded with the rewards? Is egotistical reputation concern mellowed? Is status still given importance or character of people? Is ambition under control or do the past bad habits of power trips raise their ugly head again? These natives can become nation builders or global corporate/financial/legal reformers in the highest positive level.

J.Un amestec de energii astrale și praf din stele.

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Care este formula pentru Karma, parte arabică?

Pe site e


Pe alt site ( Astralia) e

Asc - Soare + Saturn

Pe un alt site

Asc + Saturn - Soare

?! :S

Unde e Karma?

În Taur , Balanță sau Săgetător ?!

Am găsit o explicație pe un alt site, unde spune :

Karma = Asc + Saturn - Sun
(NOTE: Use Jupiter if Saturn is combust)

Ce amețită e Karma asta....

Drept să spun prefer formula cu Pluton.

Pluto, te transformă. Pe tine, ca Asc. În funcție de cum i-ai învățat lecțiile lui Saturn.

J.Un amestec de energii astrale și praf din stele.

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Revoluția din 2026!
Nu știi, de fapt, de azi pe mâine ce mai poate fi, da' io mă gândesc la 2026 :)

Uite ce am descoperit!

Iar în afara "stelelor", una fixă!


( Mey, la ei mi-am făcut " ochii ". Habar n-am avut că e o stea fixă.)

"Influence: Ptolemy's observations are as follows "The stars in the horns of Capricorn have efficacy similar to that of Venus, and partly to that of Mars. The stars in the mouth are like Saturn, and partly like Venus: those in the feet and in the belly act in the same manner as Mars and Mercury: those in the tail are like Saturn and Jupiter." By the Kabalists this constellation is associated with the Hebrew letter Yod and the 10th Tarot Trump "The Wheel of Fortune." [Robson*, p.36.]

The constellation Capricorn has a great influence over human affairs portending major changes in such areas as climate and political customs. Along with the sign, the constellation is also noted as the "Mansion of Kings." Unfavorably situated with regards to lunar eclipses, it indicates major storms, especially at sea."

Karma + Karma conjuncte pe Ascendent!

Măi să fie?! :oops:
Și, mai multe...

Dacă aveam și io vederea bună "să văd" în depărtare.... Dep! E ascunsă, Karma. Un pic în 12.

Și Jupiter conjunct cu Wasat

Of the nature of Saturn. Connected with chemicals, poisons and gas. Violence, malevolence, destructiveness as a first principal. [Robson*, p.216.]

Because of the Saturnine quality of this star, it gives a heaviness and tendency to pessimism. Apart from that however, Al Wasat does show up a quality of being able to speak with clear authority when others are waffling and prominence in public affairs or management is often the result.

Soarele atinge Wasat în 10 iulie...

Să vedem... Capsula!

Mm.E 9 Aug.

J.Un amestec de energii astrale și praf din stele.

Acest mesaj are o imagine atașament.
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Am mai descoperit un asteroid. Kaali! 4227.

Dar nu îl găsesc pe site... :oops:

"This asteroid is named after the Indian Goddess, Kaali. In the Tantrik tradtion she is known as the Universal Mother and Siva as Universal Father. Kaali has many descriptions. A few are given below.

In Tantrik Traditions, Kaali rules Kundalini. She rules the Kundalini of all humans as well as Planets and even the Cosmos. She has 64 emanations and can be the most destructive force ever. Only Siva can fully control her.

Kaali is the Dark Side Energy of the Divine Feminine Consciousness. Transcending the Dark Side helps an individual access the True Compassionate Divine "Mother" Aspect of God.

The Dark Side Energy can be utilized positively as "Shakti" or Kundalini Force, to achieve great things and conquer evil. "

Cam e conjunct cu PM Soare / Lună. În hartă.

Dacă nu visez, îmi găsesc alte preocupări.

Mai spune așa :

"KAALI conj SUN or MOON means one is a candidate for Astral Plane programming/triggering, demonic attachment and even mind control.

If one breaks free, then one can be a master of the Astral Plane even from 3D Physical Reality.

KAALI CONJUNCT SUN and MOON exact -You could have surprising Kundalini Energy but you are also susceptible to Astral Attacks/Programming from the Astral Plane.

You must ensure sufficient psychic protection [even orgonite or correct crystals will do] before you meditate or try any psychic activity.

Your sexual energy is also very powerful and will be sought out by the dark side so be careful with whom you get romantically involved.

You need an Angelic Soul for company, not a selfish man with substance abuse issues as such a man will allow his body to be used as an Astral Vessel to extract your psychic energy by Psychic Vampires."


Da', dacă e la "mijloc", între Soare și Lună?!


Zeița Kali

Parcă e din Avatar! :)


Ceva- ceva are legătură cu punctul mediu.
Între Lună și Soare îs tot cam 108 grade.

"She has a garland consisting of human heads, variously enumerated at 108 (an auspicious number in Hinduism and the number of countable beads on a japa mala or rosary for repetition of mantras) or 51, which represents Varnamala or the Garland of letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, Devanagari."

J.Un amestec de energii astrale și praf din stele.

Acest mesaj are o imagine atașament.
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