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The Lot or Part of Fortune
by Robert Hand

" the Part of Fortune is a primary indicator of prosperity, but it is more than that. It is created out of the longitudes of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, and therefore is composed out of the three of the most important places in the chart (only the Midheaven outside of these three is as important) and as a result becomes as important as they are. In modern astrology there is a tendency to regard the Part of Fortune as a minor point in the chart, but this was not the case with ancient astrology.

In ancient astrology the Ascendant is the primary indicator of the physical body and health. The Moon is also a very important secondary indicator about the body. But there is a difference between them. The Ascendant was considered to be the body at its most physical, material level. The Moon was the living aspect of the body, in fact soul, but soul incarnated in a physical body. The Part of Fortune, being composed of both of these along with the Sun, is also an indicator of the living, physical body and its relationships with the physical and social world in which the native lives. "

"If the Part of Fortune is a first house marker, our natural tendency as modern Western astrologers is make the degree of the Part the cusp of the first house and to set up equal houses from the Part using the Part as an Ascendant. However, from the material we have found so far in Project Hindsight what the ancient astrologers actually did was a bit different.

And what they did was characteristic of house division in all of the oldest texts including, we now know, Ptolemy himself.

As I have already mentioned, the houses of the Fortuna system were measured from 0 degrees to 30 degrees of the sign that the Part of Fortune was in. This practice, which has been dubbed whole-sign house division, was not only used with the Part of Fortune, but also with the Ascendant itself!

The entire modern problem of house division did not exist for the ancients. They did not see the signs as separate from the houses.

The houses were simply roles that the signs took on depending upon their relation to some point that marked one of the signs as being the first house or place ("place" is the proper translation of the word that the ancients used for house as we use the word). That marking point was called in Greek, horoskopos.

If that word sounds familiar, it should. It is the basis of the word 'horoscope', and its literal meaning is "hour marker," not "watcher of the hour" as often stated in the texts.

The hour marker was any point that had the ability to mark a sign as a first house or place for some purpose.

In modern astrology we have sun-sign astrology, a technique not widely respected by professional astrologers. Yet in sun-sign astrology we see an ancient practice used (simple-mindedly to be sure) in a modern context. In sun-sign astrology the Sun is a horoskopos in exactly the ancient manner; it marks the sign of the Sun as a first house or place. All other signs become houses or places with respect to the sign of the Sun. The only problem with modern sun-sign astrology is that the solar horoskopos was supposed to be used to describe a native's father, not the native, and then only if the native was born in the daytime.

The ancients in the West used the Ascendant and the Part of Fortune as the major hour markers. The ancients of the East in India used the Ascendant and the Moon is the primary hour markers. What is interesting here is that the Part of Fortune is a part associated with the Moon! Apparently these practices are related.

The following is a quotation from Paulus Alexandrinus a 4th century author:

"And Fortune signifies everything that concerns the body, and what one does through the course of life. It becomes indicative of possessions, reputation and privilege."

And Vettius Valens who lived at about the same time as Ptolemy wrote the following:

". . . the Lot itself will possess the power of the Horoskopos, that of life; the tenth zoidion [sign] from this, the power of the Midheaven, that of reputation; the 7th, the power of the Descendant; the 4th, of the subterraneous zoidion, and the remaining places will possess the power of the 12 regions."

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