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Mundane Vedic Astrology is the branch of Vedic Astrology that deals with the planetary influences through signs and planetary periods in the charts of nations, cities, organizations, corporations, business organizations, etc. It covers objectives and goals of nations, their wealth, political stability, financial position, development, relationship with other countries/nations, natural calamities, public health, infrastructure development, national income, spiritual pursuits followed by its people, etc.

The impact is seen through the houses which govern certain specific aspects of national life/organization life; through the signs which show the level of influence; and the planets which show their results through their placement in the chart, their strength, their functional nature and their relationship with other planets/houses through conjunctions and aspects. All the planetary influences are seen, particularly those resulting from a close conjunction/aspect to other planets and/or most effective points of the various houses and those resulting from the mooltrikona signs of various planets falling in various houses.

The planetary influences for the countries are also seen through the charts of the rulers/chief political executives at different points of time in the life of a nation. In fact the charts of nations and the charts of the rulers/chief political executives work in consonance with each other.

The various houses in a nation's chart represent the following aspects of a nation's life:

First House

The general conditions of the country as a whole, state of law and order, people and their general outlook, public health, government, reputation, valor and its position in the world. The close afflictions to the first house or its lord or the weak planets placed in the first house indicate setbacks for the national identity.

Second House

The second house primarily deals with national wealth, status and relationships within a country and with its neighbors. It also rules the purchasing power of the people, financial stability, national income, strength of currency, budget and balance of trade. The close afflictions to the second house or its lord from malefic houses or the malefic planets placed in the second house or aspecting the second house indicate loss of reputation and setbacks for the financial resources.

Third House

The third house rules leadership, the communication of the Government with the public, means of communications in the country including transport, media, telecommunications and information technology. It governs authors, philosophers, philosophical thought, literature and literary people, education and infra-structural facilities in the country besides governing democracy and peace talks. The close natal or transit afflictions to the third house or its lord or the malefic planets placed in the third house indicate accidents regarding the means of communications.

Fourth House

The fourth house rules the nation's natural resources, agriculture, mines, minerals, landed properties, peace, general and political stability, natural calamities, educational institutions, law and order, housing and communal harmony. The close natal or transit afflictions to the fourth house or its lord by the most malefic planet or slow moving planets from the malefic houses indicate natural calamities, housing problems and financial setbacks for the country.

Fifth House

The fifth house rules intellectuals, emotional stability, communal harmony, speculative nature of the people, investments, stock exchange, children, population, universities, morals and values of the people. The close natal or transit afflictions to the fifth house or its lord by the most malefic planet or slow moving planets indicate emotional upset for the country and setbacks to the financial markets of the country.

Sixth House

The sixth house rules public amity, relations with neighbors, general health of the public, political stability, financial solvency of the nation, management of debts, litigations, judicial functioning, communal harmony in the country and labor relations. The close natal/transit afflictions to the sixth house or its lord by the most malefic planet or slow moving planets from the malefic houses indicate fatal accidents involving large number of deaths, debts and setback from conflict.

Seventh House

The seventh house rules pleasure and amusement resorts, tourism, bond of relationships amongst the masses and business establishments, foreign affairs and agreements. The close natal or transit afflictions to the seventh house or its lord by the most malefic planet or slow moving planets indicate setbacks to the living standards of the people and challenges for the international position of the country.

Eighth House

The eighth house rules beliefs of the masses, red-tape actions, speed of execution of works, easy gains, delays and obstructions, accidents, fatal accidents, epidemics, gold and precious stones, legacies, capital gains, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, storms, etc. The close afflictions to the eighth house or its lord by the most malefic planet or slow moving planets from the malefic houses or the weakness and affliction of its lord indicate significant setbacks for the country including its territorial integrity and resources.

Ninth House

The ninth house rules judicial system, morality, religion, diplomats, foreign missions, progress and development. The close afflictions to the ninth house or its lord by the malefic planets, especially Rahu or Rahu-like planets, bring the incidence of corrupt practices and setbacks for the fortune of the country.

Tenth House

The tenth house rules executive, parliament, administration, foreign trade, law and order. The close afflictions to the tenth house or its lord by the malefic planets spoil the reputation and indicate setbacks for the international position of the country.

Eleventh House

The eleventh house rules income, gains, and future plans. It also rules friendly international alliances. The close afflictions to the eleventh house or its lord by the malefic planets indicate setbacks for the economy and in its international relations.

Twelfth House

The twelfth house rules financial losses, expenditure, mishaps, group hospitalizations, foreign debt, wars and smuggling. The close afflictions to the twelfth house or its lord by the malefic planets from the malefic houses indicate losses for the country.

The planets rule the following significations:

SUN : The Sun is the indicator of government, authority of the state, organization of large social entities, including the state/public sector industrial enterprises. It is also an indicator of vision, motivation, function and control, the government’s leaders (Prime minister, President and politicians) and services, including police. Other professions are judiciary, bankers, contractors, doctors and bureaucrats.

MOON : The Moon is the indicator of public administration especially the management of food, hospitality and healing. The Moon also is an indicator of masses, 'Women’s Power', professions include training, public relations, administration and healers.

MARS : Mars is the indicator of mental and physical courage. It rules the army, police and orders by force; vocations employing fire and metals, engineering, chemicals, surgeons, dentists and executive posts. It also rules males and industry. It rules anti-social elements when under the influence of Rahu or the lord of the eighth or twelfth house. Mars acts as the significator for the third and tenth houses.

MERCURY: Mercury is the indicator of analytical faculties, communication and discrimination, which gives confidence. It rules strategists and advisors to the heads of State. It rules the professions of mathematics, advisory roles, business, accountancy, engineering and related fields, research scholars, communicators, editors, authors, lawyers, experts in analytic works, software engineers, intellectuals, transporters, publishers, salesmen and traders.

JUPITER : Jupiter is the indicator of advisors to the heads of State, ministers, preceptors, diplomats, judges, treasury, top political and administrative positions, teaching, law, financial institutions and advisory roles, astrologers, management experts, administrators, business consulting and financial services. It acts as the significator for the ninth house. When strong, it rules expansion and optimism.

VENUS : Venus is the indicator of material comforts, women’s power, worldly knowledge and pursuits, creativity, art and rich tastes, ministers, knowledge of life saving drugs, financial administration, entertainment, painting, music, architecture, decorative arts, entertainers, models, textiles, advertising, legal, teaching, hotels, aviation, medicines, medical research, design, fashion and luxurious items, hotels, women folk, cinema industry, arts and leisure industry. It acts as the significator for the seventh house.

SATURN : Saturn is the indicator of the leader of the low castes, and civil servants, jobs requiring hard work with less remuneration, leadership of workers, trying to acquire positions in government, dealing with labor and labor oriented industry, oil drilling and refining, agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing, construction, earth moving/road construction, laborers and employment. It also rules low technology industry and mining. It acts as the significator for the tenth, fourth and eighth houses.

RAHU : Diplomatic moves, manipulations and deceit. It also rules wine making and intoxicants. It concerns poison dealers, drug pushers, wine merchants, salesmen, panic, conmen, cheats, pleasure seekers, insincere and immoral acts.

KETU : Ketu is the indicator of natural calamities, violent actions or events, fears and accidents. It also rules the poor and isolated. It gives rise to spiritual/religious services and institutions.



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