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Live Enhancement Suite was created by Mihnea
Pentru băieții (sau fetele?) ce folosesc Ableton Live.

Multe îmbunătățiri pentru Ableton!

Nu are rost să le înșir aici. Dacă cineva e interesat de discuții, shoot it!

Just go down the rabbit hole.

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Replied by Mihnea on topic Live Enhancement Suite
Release 1.2

Didn't think there was going to be another massive content update to LES, yet here we are.

Mac version release - LES has been rewritten from scratch using Lua and Hammerspoon to work on macOS.
Cross platform menuconfig.ini!
Dynamic reloads! Set dynamicreload to 1 in settings.ini and now you never have to worry about reloading ever again!
Reorganised documentation in the ini files
Manuals! LES is actually properly documented now...
Reorganised the scale menu
Added new scales from the Ableton Push 2 library that were previously missing:
Super Locrian
Hungarian Minor
Insen, Hijaroshi, Iwato, Kumoi
Massively improved performance on the Ctrl + Alt + S shortcut, don't blink!
Two new shortcuts (just don't use these on groups!):
Press Alt + X while hovering over a track (or multiple selected tracks) to clear its playlist contents.
- Press Alt + C while hovering over a track to recolour the track's clips.
Project time tracker! LES will now track how much time you spend on projects. To check out how much time you've spent, simply click "Project Time" in the tray.
The project time tracker only checks your time when you're actively using Live. Time spent browsing reddit in your browser is not going to add up to the tally :)
Though, if you want the timer to cut you some slack, you can disable "Strict Time" in the tray.
Rewrite of the settings.ini parser. It's now faster and less prone to telling you to reset randomly
Fixed a bug where holding Shift while middle-clicking would block all keyboard input until restart
Fixed a bug where LES would click on a random spot
Fixed a bug where the changelog wouldn't properly update

Just go down the rabbit hole.
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